A Flower Pot Costume

I’m just warning you: Tate looked so stinkin’ cute in her flower pot costume {or crockpot, as she kept calling herself … she seems to get her ‘pots’ a bit mixed up}.

Wanna see?

Look at that little punk.

She was a crowd-stopper in her flower pot costume!  So cute that she won first place in her age group at our neighborhood festival.

flower pot Halloween costume

My inspiration came from Clumsy Crafter … she also had a very cute little flower pot living in her house.

I love this idea because it’s so simple.  It took less than an hour to put it together and it cost less than ten dollars.  Simple, cheap, and seriously cute!

flower pot Halloween costume

And Tate loved it!  I can’t wait to dress her up again on Halloween.

flower pot Halloween costume


  1. says

    Cuteness Alert!
    It won’t do to use this for Halloween… she’d never scare anyone with those sweet eyes and friendly smile.

  2. Crystal says

    Found this on Pinterest! It’s absolutely adorable! Where did you get the plastic bucket?

    • Randi Dukes says

      It’s just from Walmart, if I remember right. It’s a huge plastic bucket, found in with the storage supplies or laundry items.

  3. Crystal says

    Thank you so much!! I’m going to attempt this for my daughter’s Halloween costume. Your little girl is precious!

    • Randi Dukes says

      The straps are made of duct tape placed sticky side to sticky side and then I duct taped the ends to the inside of the plastic tub. Hope that makes sense!

  4. becka says

    love this costume. your daughter is too adorable. If thats possible. lol! I work at an elementary school and we all always dress up every year along with the students. As an adult its getting hard to find a costume thats appropriate to wear. So I have started doing mine myself and I just love this flower pot you have made. And I do believe the children will too. Thanks for sharing