10 Ways to Repurpose Cabinet Doors

Repurposing is all the rage these days, isn’t it?  A few weeks ago I shared a post about repurposing old drawers and it was so popular that I decided to do a monthly repurposing post.  Today I’m sharing ten ways to repurpose cabinet doors!
Cabinet doors are one of my favorite repurposing items so you may recognize a number of my projects in this line-up.  Who can resist turning a one-dollar cabinet door from ReStore into something awesome?
One of my favorite projects is this cabinet turned into a chalkboard with an old drawer pull as the chalk holder.
Two cabinet doors can be cleverly repurposed into this folding message center.  This would make a great art easel for the kiddos {you could paint one side with chalkboard paint and the other side with dry erase paint} or a fun welcome sign for a party.
This large cabinet door repurposed as a tray sits on my family room coffee table and adds a pop of color as well as a great place to set drinks.

These photo holders started as cabinet doors.  I love the idea of lining them all up down a hallway gallery wall.

For little hands, hooks are easier than hangers and this coat hook hanger is a simple addition to a kid’s room.

Aren’t parents always looking for fun ways to hang the artwork that comes from little hands?  This colorful artwork display is so cute and so practical.  I love the little label plates at the bottom of each cabinet door.

Covering the center of a cabinet door can quickly turn it into a stylish bulletin board.  This burlap-covered distressed bulletin board is perfect.

This special family sign also started as a cabinet door.  It’s the perfect addition to that vignette.

jewelry holder is another fun repurpose.  The panels of the cabinet door were knocked out and window screen was added to provide a spot for jewelry.
And simple hooks added to a blank cabinet door make a fun and unique towel hanger.

Have you repurposed a cabinet door?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. says

    Nice post! I like cutting out the center and replacing it with Chicken Wire. Then you can use it for jewelry, or storing scarves…or even a decoration in a “pass through” space. : ) Thanks!!! Trish – The Purple Painted Lady

  2. says

    I love the artwork idea! The only doors I’ve repurposed were inside doors made into a sewing and cutting table on top of old wooden file cabinets.

  3. says

    Great ideas Randi! I cannot even pick a favorite! Our dump has a store and we can usually pick up old doors for a few bucks. I almost saved my old doors in the kitchen..but that were really that bad and totally uninteresting!

  4. Lauree K says

    The only place we have cupboard doors like these in our house is the desk area and they are only a couple of years old, though neither my husband or myself like them or the gold hardware on them. The rest of the kitchen is just plain flat doors and I’m sure we can still find a purpose for them when we get around to replacing them. (First home, moved in Aug. 2012)