How to Make a Terracotta Pot Table

A few weeks ago, I shared my poolside seating makeover and the terracotta pot table has been wildly popular!  Since I’ve had a number of questions about it, I decided to share a full tutorial.

how to make a terracotta pot table

To make a table from a terracotta pot, you’ll need a large terracotta pot, a large terracotta tray, and outdoor paint.  I used DecoArt Patio Paint.

Be sure the pot is tall enough to sit at a good height for a table and make sure the tray sits on top of the pot without sinking in.

how to make a terracotta pot table

Tape around the bottom edge of the pot rim {see arrow} to ensure a straight paint line, then fill in the entire rim with outdoor paint.

painted terracotta pot table

Since it’s too difficult to tape a rounded curve, simply freehand the edge of the tray, and fill it in completely with paint.

how to make a terracotta pot table

Make sure that all top edges that show are covered in paint.  I used two coats and then let the paint dry for the length of time suggested by the manufacturer.

how to make a terracotta pot table

That’s it!

how to make a terracotta pot table

Just a few easy steps and you have a cute and unique outdoor table that can also act as a storage spot.


  1. Anna w says

    Could you line the inside with insulation (like the inside of a cool bag) and use it as an ice bucket?? Wonder if that would work? Will be making this for my garden!

  2. Vicki says

    I love this idea, and really want to do it, but have been everywhere in my area that I can think of, and can not find a large enough clay pot and saucer. Any ideas?

    • Randi Dukes says

      I think your best bet is to hit up a garden store. I found my pot at Calloway’s {I think they’re only in Texas} and they definitely had the best size selection. I hope you find one!

  3. Tracie Black says

    I’d plug the hole on the pot and either add sand to weigh it down or paint the inside of the pot and put ice inside to add a few drinks too.

  4. Cyndi says

    Making two right now. Using spraypaint. Yay! They’re looking good!! Thanks for the idea. I am filling mine half with sand so people can but their cigarette butts in them. Then I can scoop out after party and put lid on. Table again!.

  5. suzanne gravelle says

    Hi! I have an upgrade to this. If you don’t have a huge pot then 2 smaller ones will do. Drive a piece of rebar into the ground . Place one pot on the top of it facing down-the rebar should poke up a few inches. Place the other pot on top facing up with the rebar sticking into the pot. Now it will not slide sideways. Fill the pot lid with mortar mix cement if you want to do a mosaic top. Then grout it and have a beautiful sturdy table.