DIY Ampersand Projects

I’m a bit partial to the ampersand {it’s my favorite part of my blog logo} but do you ever wonder how the ampersand suddenly got so popular?  You can find ampersand wall decor in all sorts of stores and it makes me wonder about its rise to fame.  But who am I to question a good thing?  Instead, I decided to just enjoy the ampersand in all its glory and I’m sharing a pile of DIY ampersand projects in case you love this crazy character as much as I do!


watercolor ampersand wall art

gold styrofoam ampersand

knit ampersand

concrete ampersand

backlit marquee ampersand

wine cork ampersand

wood pallet ampersand art

sharpie ampersand pillow

rustic wooden ampersand

thumbtack ampersand

fresh flower ampersand

ampersand string art

cross stitch ampersand

ampersand coasters

jumbo sequin ampersand

marquee ampersand

ampersand lazy susan

twine ampersand

moss ampersand

cork ampersand coasters

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