5 Ways to Use DIY Concrete Letters

I’ve become a bit smitten with the concrete trend. And yes, I know I’m late to jump on this bandwagon but it’s never too late to grab hold of a good thing, right?  I’ve done a little of my own concrete crafting this week and I have a cute idea for you: 5 ways to use DIY concrete letters.  And the best part of this simple craft?  If you can stir, you can whip up some concrete letters in no time!


Start with a bag of Quikrete {this can be found at your local hardware store}.  Mix it with water according to the package instructions …

quikrete concrete mix

… and pour or spoon the wet mixture into silicon alphabet molds {affiliate link}.  Be sure to use silicon molds so the concrete letters will pop out easily.

alphabet mold for concrete letters

Let the concrete dry completely, allowing at least 24 hours.  If you try to pop the letters out before they’re completely dry, they’ll break in half.  {I may have learned this the hard way.}  Once dry, carefully pop them out of the silicon mold.

Next comes the fun part.  There are a million ways to use these little concrete letters and I’ll get you started with five ideas!

small DIY concrete letters

1. Use concrete letters as a unique placecard for summer entertaining.

concrete letter as placecard marker

Make a concrete letter representing the first initial of each guest and place them on bright, festive paper plates.  An added bonus?  The concrete letters will also keep paper napkins from blowing away if you’re entertaining outside.

2. Spell out a message with concrete letters and use it in your decor or leave it as a sweet note for a loved one.

concrete letter message

You could also spell out the kids’ names and place them on a shelf or glue letters to the front of a basket for a fun label.

3. Hot glue a piece of magnetic tape to the back of the letters and use them as industrial style magnets.

concrete letter magnet

These magnets would make a great addition to a family command center and you could even use a different initial or number for each member of the family.

4. Use concrete letters as a paperweight on the family desk.

paperweight concrete letters

Concrete letters make a great addition to the desktop {and they’d be a fun Father’s Day gift idea for Dad}.

5. Use a simple concrete letter monogram as decor in the home.

concrete letter monogram

You can never go wrong with a monogram and I love finding ways to add monograms throughout our house.  Monograms in unusual places always create a fun, whimsical touch.

I have some other fun ideas for these concrete letters … and have been dreaming up other ways I can use the rest of my Quikrete!

What concrete crafts do you like?

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