25+ Spring Cleaning Tutorials {Room by Room}

The weather is slowly warming up, the trees are in bud, flowers are beginning to pop through the ground, and it’s time for spring cleaning.  Put the kids to work over spring break with these 25+ spring cleaning tutorials {don’t tell the kids I recommended that!}.  You’ll find tips for every room!

25+ spring cleaning tutorials

Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen

clean your dishwasher

deodorize your drains

clean the oven

clean the microwave

clean stainless steel appliances

clean the coffee maker

sanitize the sponge

Spring Cleaning in the Laundry Room

stain removal tips and tricks {with a free printable}

remove sticky residue from the iron

clean the washing machine

clean the dryer

Spring Cleaning in the Bathroom

clean the grout

get rid of mildew and soap scum in the shower

deodorize with homemade toilet fizzies

clean the toilet

use a lemon to remove hard water stains

get your towels smelling fresh and clean

Spring Cleaning in the Bedroom

wash the pillows

refresh the mattress

dust the ceiling fan

Spring Cleaning in the Living Spaces

clean and deodorize the carpets

wash the windows

clean the blinds

dust the hard-to-reach spots

Spring Cleaning in the Yard

clean your grill

clean the deck

clean the patio furniture

remove oil stains from the driveway

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  1. You’re awesome. In case you needed to know. :)

  2. Thank you for the link, Randi! This is an awesome list. I’m looking forward to reading so many of these entries! :)

  3. Thanks for featuring a couple of my tips, Randi! :) Great list!

  4. I can always use tips for cleaning!

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