How to Organize Hair Accessories

Do you have trouble knowing how to organize hair accessories?  I do!  With three girls, we have a lot of hair bands and hair clips.  And more often than not, they’re laying all over the floor.  I finally came up with a cute way for my girls to organize and store their hair accessories!

how to organize hair accessories

A while ago I bought this little metal storage unit on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I had been using it to store jewelry findings when it hit me that it would be perfect for organizing the girls’ hair accessories.

I needed this unit to fit on a thin wall in the girls’ bathroom so I turned all the drawers around so that it could hang vertically.

I cut scrapbook paper in different colors {the basic colors of the hair clips and bands} and slid them into the label slots.

how to organize hair accessories

Color coding the drawers will make organizing really simple, especially for my three year old.  {Since I don’t have drawers for every color, certain colors will go together … pink and purple, black and white.}

how to organize hair accessories

I hung the drawers on a wall in the girls’ bathroom and now I’ll cross my fingers and hope for organizational success!  The girls loved the new system so we’re off to a great start.

How do you organize all the hair goodies in your house?

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  1. That is the cutest! I miss the days of hair bow and clips :( Great organizing ideas.
    Marty@Marty’s Musings

  2. That’s a great idea. So far, I only have one girl interested in hair bands/clips etc. So the three places they are stored currently is an empty tea tin on the bathroom counter, the floor, and Sophia’s mouth.

  3. I have never, ever thought of turning a set of drawers upright….genius!!

    Hair clutter is not a problem I suffer with since I had the great chop last year. I found some hair elastics yesterday and pondered whether to keep them JUST IN CASE. I didn’t…that would be daft as I love my little pixie cut now! xx

  4. That is so cool! We don’t use a ton of hair stuff but I am hoping to get to organizing my bathroom drawers and cupboards soon!

  5. What an awesome idea! Love this!

  6. I love this!! It is sooo cute! Stylish and functional! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!!

    Jenna @

  7. That is such a cute idea!
    Ours are all in an upcycled cocoa canister right now, but I know she will outgrow it eventually.

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