To Encourage

One of our birthday gifts to Elijah was a scrapbook filled with letters written by male family members and friends.  I asked these men to write letters to Elijah that will encourage him as he grows in wisdom and stature and in his relationship with the Lord.  I wanted Eli to know that he has men in his life that care enough to come alongside him to guide him and offer their experiences and wisdom.

I placed the letters very simply in a scrapbook, some in pockets, some folded, some open, using only black and cream, and embellishing with staples and brads.

Elijah was very touched by the letters and I hope this scrapbook will encourage him throughout his teen years.

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  1. Maureen says

    Now really, you are amazing. What a thoughtful and poignant gift. I can only imagine how meaningful those letters will be for him his entire life. I want to buy a 2019 calendar so I remember to do this for Brendan. Maybe I can count on you to remind me. Happy Birthday to your teenager! :)