The Explorer Sash Tutorial

While this isn’t a precise tutorial, I thought I’d show you how I made Luke’s Explorer Sash.

I used a moderate weight khaki fabric … I’m not sure exactly what it is but it’s the equivalent weight of a light denim.  I measured across Luke’s body to get the right length for the sash and cut the fabric at an angle so that it would lay properly.  The sash is made from two thicknesses of fabric sewn together.  I left all edges raw because I want it to have a ragged appearance to it as time goes on … I think that suits my little explorer.

All tools are held on with belting.  I sewed it through both thicknesses of fabric using a zig-zag stitch.  

An upper pocket was made from a simple square of fabric sewn onto the sash.  It easily fits a small notebook and a pen or pencil.

The lower pocket is my favorite.  I cut a rectangle of fabric and then cut a square out of the middle.  I stitched a double thickness of tulle {tulle with wide openings} into the opening so the pocket is vented … I imagine my little bug hunter will use the pocket to hold lots of friends he finds while exploring.  Prior to sewing the pocket onto the sash, I stitched velcro to the pocket and to the sash, allowing the pocket to be sealed closed.  We don’t want any bugs escaping en route.

This project was a lot like the playmat I made for Tate, sewing whatever came to mind at the time.  Sometimes those projects are the most fun.  It’s definitely been fun watching Luke use his sash and have such a good time with it!


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