Teeth Brushing Chart for Kids

Do you have any great ideas for getting your kids to brush their teeth?  Without constant nagging and reminding?  I’m hoping these new vinyl teeth brushing charts are going to help!

Silhouette vinyl teeth tooth brush brushing chart

I used my Silhouette to make vinyl charts for Luke, Lila, and Tate.  I bought a calendar template from the online store and ungrouped it, removed the bottom two rows of the calendar, and added their names and the first letter of each day of the week.

I used transfer paper to stick the charts onto the bathroom mirror and attached dry erase markers {with velcro} next to each chart.

Silhouette vinyl teeth tooth brush brushing charts

The kids brush their teeth …

Silhouette vinyl teeth tooth brush brushing chart

… and then check the proper box {the top box is for the morning brush and the bottom box is for the evening brush}.  Each week I’ll wipe away the checkmarks and we’ll start fresh.

vinyl Silhouette chart teeth tooth brush brushing

Luke has his own chart in navy on his bathroom mirror.  {His weekday letters look a little wacky here but it’s just an angle issue … it’s hard to photograph a mirror without appearing in it!}

Silhouette vinyl tooth teeth brush brushing chart

I’m hoping the new charts will inspire some accountability and some very shiny teeth!
How do you make sure your kids brush every day?


  1. Jessica says

    Are you selling these? Would love two. One for Nora and one for Maren. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.

  2. Sarah says

    Love,this! I bought a calendar template in the online store, have I grouped it, but can’t figure out how to delete the rows. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Randi Dukes says

      It will depend a bit on what your calendar looks like. Mine had separate boxes for each day so I was able to ungroup and delete the boxes. If you want to email a screenshot of your calendar to me {[email protected]}, I can take a look at it and tell you how to do it.

  3. Sarah Chancey says

    I just bought a new calendar! Lol…I’m so new to all this! One question…how did you get the added row with the days of the week in it? Again…I’m a newbie! Thank you!

  4. Amanda says

    Did you use outdoor vinyl to make it waterproof? I don’t know if the indoor kind would hold up when washing the mirror but I’m worried about how permanant the outdoor kind will be.