A Shooting Range Birthday Party

This shooting range birthday party is a sponsored post for Eagle Gun Range.

My twins just had their eighth birthday and Luke celebrated with his friends this weekend with a shooting range birthday party at Eagle Gun Range.  For my outdoor-loving, BB-gun-shooting, tree-climbing boy and his equally outdoor loving friends, this party was a perfect fit {and it was deemed “the best party ever” by many of the partygoers!}.  I added a few fun DIY details to an already fun party idea and I can’t wait to share them with you!

a shooting range birthday party We mailed out invitations a couple of weeks ago.  I used my cutting machine to make pop-open invitations, added a target to the front, and gave all the party details inside.  Because this party had a few important details that couldn’t be overlooked {age requirements, waivers, and required guardians}, I added a note to each of the envelopes outlining the important details.

shooting range party invitation

When the boys arrived at the gun range, they had thirty minutes of safety training and handling instructions in a classroom with a fabulous certified NRA instructor.  He easily held the boys’ attention and gave them a thorough, engaging, and interactive lesson about gun safety and handling.

safety instruction

When the lesson was over, we donned our protective eye and ear gear {provided for all of the boys} and went to the range.  The boys were lucky enough to have an entire bank to themselves and each boy was assigned to a lane.  Before the boys were allowed to shoot, they had an individual lesson with their rifles, learning how to load them, aim, and shoot.  Once they were comfortable and able to shoot safely, they were allowed to shoot 50 bullets at their own pace.

shooting on the range

Each child had a parent or grandparent with them, supervising and ensuring that the boys were behaving in a safe manner, and two instructors from Eagle Gun Range also supervised and continued to offer guidance to the boys.

shooting range

The boys all did so well and had such a great time …

luke shooting a rifle

… and were so excited to see their targets up close at the end.

Luke and his target

Every boy hit a number of bulls-eyes and a couple of boys had large holes in the center of their charts!  We had a crowd of awesome little shooters!

the boys

When everyone had used their allotment of ammunition, we went back to the classroom for snacks and cupcakes.  I had set a black and white table in the room …

shooting range party

… with target-embellished plates {made by adding black vinyl targets onto white plates} at each place setting.  Black napkins, black and white striped straws, and water bottles wrapped in duct tape completed the simple place settings.

party place settings

I used balloons with vinyl targets as a simple centerpiece and set out black paper bags filled with chips and pretzels.

balloons with vinyl target

The boys sang to Luke {all decked out in his target birthday shirt} and he blew out his candle …


… then the guys dug into target cupcakes.

eating cupcakes

I baked chocolate cupcakes and added a white fondant circle to each, then topped it with black fondant circles to look like targets.

target cupcakes

They added a fun touch to our theme and the boys gobbled them up!

shooting range target cupcakes

We opened gifts and then the boys left with their goody bags {also decorated with black targets} …

target goody bags

… that included a Certificate of Completion for Youth Firearm Safety Training {something each birthday party attendee earns} as well as a gift card for a free hour on the range for a future visit {something Luke can’t wait to use!}.  {And be sure to check out one of the other fun goody bag items: chocolate pistol party favors!}

safety certificate

Luke’s shooting range birthday party was a huge hit with all the boys and Luke loved every minute of it.  He said it was his best party yet!

If you live in North Texas, be sure to consider Eagle Gun Range for your child’s birthday party.  Check out their website with all the birthday party details and follow them on facebook and twitter.


  1. Jami says

    I am throwing a surprise party for my 30 year old husband and want to use some of these ideas!! :-) Where did you get the decals??? All I can find is around $3.50/each! Ouch! His surprise gift is an 8 hour day shooting with Navy Seals and Green Beret… This theme is a great idea for his surprise party! Hopefully he won’t feel like an 8 year old 😉 Thanks!

    • says

      That sounds like such a great party … and what an amazing gift!! I actually cut the decals myself with my cutting machine but even if you don’t have a cutting machine, you could buy black vinyl at the craft store and use circle shapes to cut them by hand. It wouldn’t be too hard and would save you a pile of money.