Pop Top Valentine in a Can

Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day yet?  I’ve been seeing a lot of red and pink on pinterest so it looks like you are!  My kids and I have been planning the homemade valentines they’ll give to classmates and friends and today I have the cutest pop top valentine in a can to share with you!

pop top valentine in a can

 For each valentine, you’ll need one can with a tab {small fruit cans work great}, patterned paper for a label, the printed “can you be my valentine?” phrase, and candy or small toys for filling.

supplies for valentine in a can

Remove the can’s label and, using a can opener, open the bottom of the can, leaving the pop top intact. Thoroughly wash and dry the can.

empty can

Make a paper band to fit around the outside of the can and add the cheesy phrase.  Attach the paper band around the can …

label for valentine

… then, from the bottom, fill the can with candy or small toys.  Use a glue gun to reattach the bottom onto the can, leaving a sealed can.

candy filling

From the top, there’s no indication that anything has been done to the can and the pop top is perfectly intact, just waiting to be opened by a friend.

pop top valentine

And when they open it up, they’ll find Valentine goodies!  You could even add a sweet note inside.

valentine in a can

The pop top valentine in a can is such a simple valentine to make and such a fun surprise to receive!

can of goodies valentineTo see another version of this craft, check out the Christmas pop top tins we made years ago!