Lego Ice Cubes in a Lego Mold

Lots of excitement over ice at our house. My friend, Jenny, just gave us these Lego ice cube trays. Luke was so thrilled to see them! The kids have been drinking water with Lego cubes, and trying to build ice castles with the cold blocks.

I have big plans to have an upcoming Lego playdate with Luke’s friends – drinks with Lego ice cubes, Lego shaped candies, and bags of Lego crayons to take home. I love these little trays … thanks Jenny!

Lego mold Lego party

Lego mold Lego party

Lego party
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    Oh, leave it to you to come up with lots of ways to use the ice trays. So glad they’re finally get used! And, yes, they came from They were free with a purchase a few years ago…. been sitting in my closet untouched for years.

  2. Heather says

    Great! Just a word of caution when making the crayons, the ice cube tray will take on the smell/taste of crayons. So, whatever tray you use will have to be a decicated “lego crayon” tray from that point on. I made heart shaped crayons one year in a ice cube tray and then tried to make chocolates in it later, they tasted exactly like crayons:(

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