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You may remember a couple of months ago I made a fun new lamp for Kennedy’s room.  I love this lamp!  I think it’s perfect for a teen girl … something unique but not childish.
GE Lighting energy efficient lighting

Over the last couple of months we’ve been experimenting with lighting choices.  You’re probably all aware that some new lighting legislation {the incandescent light bulb law} is in effect that changes what bulbs can be manufactured and sold.  I bought a few different energy saving light bulbs and experimented with three types of GE Lighting: the GE Energy Efficient Soft White bulbs, the GE Reveal bulb, and the GE Energy Smart CFL {and the mini spiral CFL}.

incandescent light bulb law

Before my little experiment, I was completely sure in my mind that the bulb I started with, the GE Energy Efficient Soft White bulb, would be the one I liked the best.  Old habits die hard and it’s the closest one to the old incandescent bulb.  I was really surprised when I switched over to the GE Reveal bulb.  The light from the bulb was very natural and warm.

energy efficient light bulbs

But when I tried the GE Energy Smart CFL, it lit up Kennedy’s room so much more, something we need in this space in order to avoid always using an overhead light.  I was pleasantly surprised at how warm the light was and how far reaching it was.

energy savings light bulbs

Due to the lamp shade style, the mini spiral didn’t work well, but the CFL held the shade in place perfectly.

GE energy efficient lighting

I’ll continue to do some experiments around my house and watch for the savings on my electric bill.  By changing that one bulb in Kennedy’s room, I’ll save $5.66 a year.  If I just replaced all the bulbs in my kids’ rooms {a fraction of the house!} we’d save $84.92!  Crazy, huh?  To figure out what you can save, pop over to the energy savings calculator.

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    I hadn’t even thought about the mini spirals in certain lamp shades! Good to know! I’m in the process of converting most of my bulbs as we speak!