Duct Tape Backpack Tags

I’ve been having lots of duct tape fun since Duck Brand sent me a box of goodies.  You’ll see one project on another site next week but today I wanted to show you the little duct tape backpack tags I made for my big kindergarteners.

I printed the kids’ names on regular printer paper {yes, Luke’s name almost rhymes … yes, we knew that when we named him … you’d be amazed how many times people ask that, as though I may have momentarily forgotten our last name} and cut two pieces of clear vinyl slightly larger than the paper pieces.

Duck Brand Duck Tape backpack tag

Using sheets of duct tape, I cut two pieces {4 inches by 2 3/4 inches}.  Flames for Luke, purple for Lila.

Duck Brand Duck Tape backpack tag

I removed the adhesive back and then laid the duct tape sheet right side down.  Centering the name paper, I carefully placed it onto the adhesive and then placed the clear vinyl over it.

Duck Brand Duck Tape duct tape backpack tag

Using strips of coordinating duct tape, I wrapped the tape around all four sides …

duct tape backpack tags Duck Brand Duck Tape

… to give them a finished look.

Duck Brand Duck Tape duct tape backpack tags

When they were wrapped {and any excess duct tape was trimmed from the edges}, they ended up as firm rectangles with the paper names protected by clear vinyl.

duct tape backpack tags Duck Brand Duck Tape

I inserted metal grommets on the sides …

Duck Brand Duck Tape

… and the kids used carabiners to attach the tags to their backpacks.

duct tape backpack tags Duck Brand Duck Tape

They’re cute, sturdy, and a little different.  And they got a thumbs up from the kiddos.

The duct tape used in this post was provided by Duck Brand but all opinions are my own.


  1. Meri @ twofive365 says

    I have been looking for bag tags for my big kids, since they seem to think that all the others I have found were too “baby” for a first and fourth grader. lol Thanks for the idea, I am totally doing this!

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing this. My son started preschool and insists upon bringing a backpack – usually mostly empty – to school with him. We need to have his name on his backpack, but I didn’t want to write it on there. This will work great! :)