DIY Color Block Umbrella Table

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Be sure to check out the amazing projects featuring ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and The Home Depot!  I’m sharing a fun outdoor project: a DIY color block umbrella table!

DIY color block umbrella table

This planked table project is simple enough for the beginner builder and the color block painting adds a fun and colorful element just perfect for summer!

To build the table, you’ll need the following supplies from The Home Depot: 4 2×2-inch pieces cut to a length of 19 inches, 4 2×2-inch pieces cut to a length of 16 inches, 2 1×6-inch pieces cut to a length of 20 inches, 18 1×4-inch pieces cut to a length of 20 inches, 1 1×6-inch piece cut to a length of 19 inches, and 4 1×4-inch pieces cut to a length of 19 inches.  In addition you’ll need wood screws, tools, and ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.

Before you begin, you’ll need the staff at The Home Depot to trim 1/2 an inch off the width of the 1×6-inch pieces.  You can also have them trim your boards to the appropriate length while you’re at it.

To build the table, I made two slightly rectangular frames by attaching two of the 19 inch 2×2’s to two of the 16 inch 2×2’s {the shorter 2×2’s will sit inside the others}.

frame D

One frame will sit at the top of the table and one frame will form the base.

box frame D

Beginning with one side of the table, lay five 1×4 planks {20 inches long} side by side, flush with the top of one frame and the bottom of the other and drill pilot holes through the planks and into the frames.  Insert wood screws into each pilot hole, ensuring that the frames are sitting square.  Repeat on the opposite side.

framed table D

Repeat the process for the other two sides, using four 1×4 inch pieces and placing a wider {trimmed} 1×6-inch piece in the middle.  The planks on these two sides will cover the frame as well as the side of the planks on the two completed sides.

With the boards that are 19 inches in length, repeat that process {using a wider board in the middle} to form the top of the table.  Before screwing down the middle board, lay a board diagonally across the top and mark the center …

center of top D

… then drill a hole large enough to hold an umbrella post.  Secure the plank to the top of the table.

hole for umbrella D

Now that the building part is done, it’s time for the fun stuff: the painting!

Before you paint, sand all the rough edges and wipe the table down to remove all dust.

Since you’re only going to paint the lower half of the table, measure evenly around the table and place ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape along your measured line.  I used Exterior tape for this project.

scotchblue painter's tape D

Above the initial line of ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape, add a couple of extra lines of tape to block paint spray.

scotchblue D

Using a bright color, spray paint the bottom half of the umbrella table, applying a couple of coats if needed.

spray paint D

Allow the paint to dry and spray a coat of clear sealer to provide some protection from the elements.

Place an umbrella stand inside the table for support …

umbrella table D

… and enjoy the shade of your new color-blocked umbrella table!

pool seating D

This shady spot is where I’ll be spending my summer, sipping tea and watching the kids in the pool!

umbrella table seating D

Want to do a little painting of your own?

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