Derby Dreaming :: Kentucky Derby Inspiration

Phil and I were really hoping to take a weekend trip to the Kentucky Derby this year but that weekend has turned out to have too many other family commitments so we’ve put the dream aside for another year.

Instead, I rounded up a little Derby inspiration and I’m thinking about sitting on the couch drinking mint juleps in the comfort of my own home.

Speaking of mint juleps … I’ve got to find some of these silver cups.  That would be an awesome thrift store find, wouldn’t it?

We actually tried mint juleps last year and I didn’t love them but maybe I’ll give them another chance.

The Derby and roses go hand in hand, don’t they? I’d love to cover a table in cups and vases full of roses. It would be so rich and regal looking.

I love that the Kentucky Derby is so steeped in tradition. I’m a bit bummed I won’t be decked out in a big ol’ hat this year.

I am thinking about cooking this bourbon marinated pork tenderloin for dinner though …

Source: via Randi on Pinterest

… and following it up with a traditional Kentucky Derby Pie.

Source: via Randi on Pinterest

Or maybe cupcakes with these cute printables from Pluff Mudd Studio.

Source: via Randi on Pinterest

Will you be watching the Derby?  And sipping mint juleps? I’d love to hear your race day plans.


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    Love this post!!! Derby Day is huge here in KY…we host a Derby party every year. There are tons of these julep cups around here…next time I see one, I will snatch it up for you and send it to you in the mail. I have a few that I absolutely love…I love cutting my roses to display with them…right now they are filled with Lily of the Valley! If you ever make it to Derby, let me know!


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    Going to the derby would be such a treat! My sister in law is from Kentucky and has a huge party every year (she’s also a chef!!) It’s the next best thing to being there for me :-)

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    I thought the Derby was a hat. I need to google it.

    I hope you get a chance to go next year. What a fun date that would be!