Back to Basics :: Hopscotch {with Homemade Sidewalk Chalk}

Last month I started a new Back to Basics series at Dukes and Duchesses.  Each month I’ll share a traditional game and a coordinating DIY project.  This month’s traditional game is hopscotch and I’m sharing a recipe for homemade sidewalk chalk!

I remember playing hopscotch a lot as a kid but my kids rarely play it.  It’s such a simple game, requiring almost nothing, and my girls had a lot of fun playing it this week.

hopscotch, how to make sidewalk chalk

To play, simply draw a chalk grid {like the one below} on the sidewalk.

how to make sidewalk chalk, hopscotch

Throw a small rock and let it land on one of the squares.  Hop {on one foot for the single squares and landing on two feet in the side-by-side squares}, jumping over the square containing the rock.

how to play hopscotch, homemade sidewalk chalk

Scoop the rock up as you hop back to the starting point.  If you lose your balance or step on the lines, you’re out.

how to play hopscotch, homemade sidewalk chalk

Simple and fun, right?  And even more fun if you draw the lines with your own homemade sidewalk chalk!

how to make sidewalk chalk

To make your own sidewalk chalk, you’ll need Plaster of Paris, powdered tempera paint, water, and a mold of your choice {this time around I used cupcake wrappers in a muffin tin but I’ve used fun molds in the past}.

how to make sidewalk chalk

Mix 1 cup of Plaster of Paris with 1 cup of water.  Stir well {I use a whisk} until the lumps are gone and then add tempera paint powder until you have the color you want.

how to make sidewalk chalk

Pour into your molds.  Just a note: this photo shows paper cupcake wrappers but I would only recommend using foil cupcake wrappers {without the paper inserts} … they peel off more easily at the end.

how to make sidewalk chalk

Let the chalk dry until hardened {at least 12 hours} and then remove the chalk from the mold and let it continue to dry for at least 24 hours {I placed mine on a baking rack so the air could circulate around the chalk}.

That’s all there is to it … a simple recipe to make your own sidewalk chalk!

how to make sidewalk chalk

Do your kids know how to play hopscotch?

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  1. Anonymous says

    We even played it yesterday! Thanks for the hard work to make the end of our walk FUN! See how cool it is to be Dukes & Duchesses neighbor?!?

  2. says

    How well/long does this store? Does it need an air-tight storage container or will an air-tight zippy bag do? I would love to make this for my granddaughter but I don’t see her every day so I would have to know how to keep it between visits.

  3. Anonymous says

    My daughter knows how to play. We play it sometimes. But now I will make my own chalk she can play as much as she wants.

  4. says

    Just found your site through Kids Activities Blog, I love the sidewalk chalk idea, I’m always buying sidewalk chalk for my kids, it will be fun to try to make it. Thanks!