A Shoelace Headband

A few months ago, I was in Gymboree and saw cute shoelace headbands.  When I spotted some shamrock laces for a dollar, I thought I’d try making one.  I think mine is a bit poofier than the original but it’ll be a fun bit o’ green to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

As my base, I used a headband from the dollar store and covered it with a thin strip of green duct tape.  If you can find a green headband, even better.  I used two shoelaces held together and kept them in place with hot glue.

I just folded them up and down and put dabs of glue where they were needed to hold everything in place.

Pair that with a green shirt and Lila won’t be getting pinched on the big day.


  1. says

    How cute is this! I love how simple it is. Does the ribbon flop over after it’s been worn for awhile? I want to make this for my daughter.