A Lego Travel Box

I shared this post a week ago at Dragonfly Designs and I wanted to share it here today.  This is such a simple project and Luke loves it!


Like most boys, my little guy loves Lego!  I’ve made him a Lego table and a Lego wall and, after seeing some inspiration on the web, I decided to make him a travel Lego box that he can bring with him when we’re going somewhere.
personalized Lego travel box
I started with a vintage metal case that I picked up during some trade day shopping.
Lego travel box

Using E6000, I glued a rectangular base plate to the lid and added my little guy’s name in red vinyl.

personalized Lego travel box

On the inside of the lid, I glued another base plate that acts as a holding area for all those popular little Lego men.

personalized Lego travel box

Lego travel box

Assorted Lego pieces fill the rest of the case.

travel box for Lego

My little guy loves his travel Lego box and it’ll be a great way to fill time spent in the carpool line or in waiting rooms.

Lego travel box
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  1. Alicia says

    this is seriously a great idea!! my boys are obsessed with legos. they keep them pretty organized, but i’ve always wanted to make them a lego table so they can play with them better. great stuff here!!

  2. says

    What a great idea and it turned out great. The best thing about this is not sharing germs with other kidlets in waiting rooms. Sometimes, I dread having to go anywhere with the kids because I know they will be bringing home the latest bug. ech!

  3. says

    My son would’ve LOVED to have this when he was little! He still plays with his Legos occasionally but when he was younger he was all about the Legos!