A Lego Party Playdate

Since, being twins, Luke and Lila have always had joint birthday parties, they’ve never been able to have gender-specific themes. I decided it would be fun to let them have their own theme playdates this summer. Lila had her fairy tea a few weeks ago, and Luke had his Lego party/playdate today.

We mailed out little invitations (simple cards that [hopefully] looked like Lego blocks) …

Lego party

… and the boys arrived ready for some Lego fun. They colored some Lego printables (and I so wanted to make Lego-shaped crayons but was worried it would forever alter the flavor of my molds) …

Lego party printables
… played a game where they had to take turns adding to a Lego/Duplo tower until it toppled …

Lego party
… had some creative free-play Lego time …
Lego party
… and ate. I made small Lego-block sandwiches and served a red drink with Lego-shaped ice cubes.

Lego party
They also had pretzels, chips, and Lego-shaped candies to munch on, all served out of bowls made from Lego.

Lego party
Cupcakes completed the meal and they were topped with Lego chocolates made in my Lego mold.

Lego party

Luke loved having his friends over for some dedicated boy time … and I’ll always jump at the chance to plan a themed activity.

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  1. Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity says

    What a great party! Just wanted to let you know I’ll be featuring it on Tot Tuesdays tomorrow :)

    • says

      The sandwiches were made by cutting the crusts off bread, then cutting that square in half to make rectangles. I cut circles from bread using a small cookie cutter and attached them with a dab of honey.