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My twins turned seven a few days ago and we’ll be celebrating next week with a bowling party at a local bowling alley.  I’ve been having a great time getting things ready and I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite details over the next few days, then capping it off with the full party post!

Today I want to show you how I made these fun bowling lollipops!

bowling party, party favors

I bought a bowling lollipop mold {affiliate link: CK Products Bowling Pins and Ball Sucker Chocolate Mold} and candy melt in red, white, and dark brown.

To make the details of the mold, I used a small clean paint brush to paint the red lines and tiny white dots on the ball, then placed the mold in the freezer until the candy was solid.  Then I filled the bowling ball with dark brown candy melt and let it solidify as well.

bowling party, bowling party favors

When the first colors were completely firm, I filled the rest of the mold with white candy melt, shook it carefully to disperse it {the warm candy melt will soften the first layers so you need to be careful not to disrupt them when you’re spreading the white layer}, put the lollipop sticks in place, and popped the mold back in the freezer.

bowling party, bowling party favor

They turned out really cute and they’ll make a fun little treat for the partygoers, won’t they?

bowling party, bowling party favors

I wrapped the bowling party favors in pretzel bags, sealed them by wrapping black washi tape around the bag and stick …

bowling party, bowling party favors

… and displayed them in a galvanized tin.

bowling party

Be sure to pop back tomorrow … I’ll be sharing the fun goody bags the guests will be taking home!
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    Oh my gosh – these are too cute! My daughter (also turning 7!) is thinking about having a bowling birthday party with school friends this year….these would be perfect!
    Cathy @ Lemon Tree Dwelling