25 Creative Activities for Kids

Today is our last day of school before Spring Break.  Are you getting close too?  I love having the kids home but I also think it’s good to have some planned activities so they don’t all drive each other crazy.  Here are 25 creative activities to keep the kids busy during Spring Break.

paint t-shirts

build roadways through the house

swing on a homemade rope swing

make treats for the birds

sail a juice box boat

have a balloon car race

make swirly stones with hot rocks

weave on paper plates

share a dandelion wish

make a bug out of buttons

fly a paper kite

make leaf necklaces

make a batch of sidewalk chalk

slide down the stairwell on a cardboard slide

make a toad abode

build a craft stick catapult

have a little water gun fun with ping pong balls

weave on branches

play a game of jacks

have a snowball fight

get artistic in the rain

make a Lego maze

race ice cars

collect bugs with a homemade bug scoop

make monogrammed paintings

For updated ideas, follow my Keeping Kids Busy pinterest board!


  1. says

    This is one of the best collections of creative kids ideas I’ve ever seen! I love the style of what you’ve chosen- lots of cute ideas I’m excited to try over our own Spring Break soon! Thanks Randi- you are amazing :)