Watermelon Cooler

We eat a pile of watermelon every summer.  It’s such a refreshing treat and the perfect way to beat the heat.  I serve a big platter of watermelon every time we grill or entertain … it’s always a crowd pleaser.  And for those times when something a little sweeter is needed, I love to blend it up and make a frosted watermelon cooler!

watermelon cooler

To make this simple summer treat, in a blender, blend four cups of ripe watermelon {I just scoop out big chunks of watermelon and toss it into the blender} with two cups of vanilla ice cream.  Blend until the ingredients are completely mixed.  If you want the drink to be a bit thicker, add a little more ice cream but be careful not to make it too thick.  You want to be able to drink it easily through a straw.

watermelon in blender

Pour the watermelon cooler into a glass or mason jar.  I like to scoop a couple of large watermelon balls and push a large paper straw through them for a cute garnish.

watermelon ball in watermelon cooler

One batch will serve four people but it’s easy to quickly mix up enough watermelon coolers for a crowd … and your summer party guests will love this sweet, refreshing drink!

slushy watermelon cooler

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