Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles

One of my favorite summer drinks {and one of the most popular recipes on my site} is vietnamese iced coffee.  I love the strong coffee flavor balanced with the creamy sweetness.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  Since I also love popsicles in the summer {I know, I’m a big kid}, I decided to try making vietnamese coffee popsicles … and you know what?  They’re amazing!

vietnamese coffee popsicles

To make vietnamese coffee popsicles, brew a full pot of very strong coffee then remove it from the heat and let it cool completely.

vietnamese coffee popsicles for summer

Add one tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk {the fat free version works just as well as regular} to each popsicle mold and fill each mold the rest of the way with the cooled brewed coffee.

vietnamese coffee popsicles recipe

Stir gently to mix the contents of each mold then freeze.

summer recipe for vietnamese coffee popsicles

The popsicles are ready to be served when they’re frozen fully.  These creamy coffee popsicles are the perfect summer treat … and the perfect afternoon pick me up!

coffee popsicles

They’d also be delicious frozen as ice cubes and used to cool iced coffee.  I’m thinking about keeping a stash in my freezer all summer!

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