25+ Ways to Make an Herb Garden

One of the things I love most about summer is being able to grow piles of fresh herbs.  There’s something so great about walking out into the backyard to pick a bunch of fresh basil for a dinner recipe.  This year I’m thinking about finding a new method to my herb garden madness and I thought I’d share some of the amazing inspiration I found.  Check out 25+ ways to make an herb garden … and then tell me how you grow your herbs!

ways to make an herb garden

pallet herb garden

kitchen herb garden

tin can countertop garden

mason jar wall planter

vertical leaning herb garden

vertical herb garden

repurposed candleholder garden

hanging bottle garden

tea tin herb garden

mason jar herb garden

space saving vertical trellis herb garden

repurposed CD rack herb garden

shoe organizer herb garden

hanging gutter garden

bottle garden

wagon herb garden

framed hanging buckets

DIY tiered garden

hanging herb garden

bucket planter wall

soda crate herb garden

hanging coffee cup herb garden

outdoor living wall

stacked pot garden

tackle box herb planter

floating pvc planter

upside down garden

wine rack herb garden

concrete block planter

And once you’ve got those herbs planted in an amazing and unique garden, be sure to check out 15 ways to use herbs!

15 ways to use herbs

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