DIY Patterned Pencils

These DIY patterned pencils were created as part of a sponsored post for RoseArt.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve been playing this week with something that I love as much as my kids do: the Graphic Skinz Design Studio from RoseArt!  This super-suction vacuum chamber applies color graphics to 3D objects and can turn a plain object into something completely customized and awesome!  We’ve been playing around with it a lot, adding fun patterns to plastic dinosaurs and other toys and we transformed plain pencils into DIY patterned pencils that my son loves!  These outdoorsy pencils will be perfect for journaling in his outdoor notebooks.  Let me show you how I made them.

DIY patterned pencils

I started with cheap pencils from the dollar store …

dollar store pencils

… and used the Graphic Skinz Design Studio to alter them.  This kit includes the motorized vacuum chamber as well as three models, 30 graphic transfers, an instruction sheet, and a detailing brush.  {Before taking on any kind of ambitious project, the models are a great way to practice using the chamber to create some really fun toys.}

graphic skinz design studio kit

The selection of skinz is great and my kids loved going through them.  Each transfer gave them a new idea of what they should cover!  The sky’s the limit although you are limited somewhat by size.  The object to be covered has to fit inside the chamber and the transfers will need to be patched if the item is larger than the transfer.  {The item also has to be able to get wet.}

graphic skinz transfers in kit

We chose the skinz that we wanted to use and got ready to create!

graphic skinz for transferring

I trimmed the white edges away from the transfer …

cutting edge of skin

… peeled the clear plastic off, and wrapped the transfer around the pencil.  To apply it around the pencil, I cut two strips to wrap around and cut them to the length of the pencil.  {Don’t let the paper overlap or it’ll be difficult to get it off.}

pencil wrapped in skinz

Thoroughly wet the sponge {included in the set}, wring it out, and wrap it around the object.  Wring the sponge out without making it too dry.  I initially wrung it out hard and had much better success when the sponge was a bit more damp.

foam wrapped pencil

Place the sponge-wrapped object into the chamber, close the lid, and press the button for 20 seconds.  The air will be suctioned out of the chamber and the skin will be pressed onto the object.  Let the chamber sit for 10 seconds then pull the item out, remove the sponge, and carefully peel away the paper.

motorized vacuum chamber

If the transfer hasn’t adhered completely, you can use a small applicator tool to press it down.  Let it dry for one minute and you’re set!

{One note about drying time: I let the pencils dry for a minute but on other toys, rather than letting them dry completely, I rubbed the transfer lightly with my finger to rough it up a bit and add some distressing.  It added a fun touch to our plastic dinosaurs!}

DIY covered pencil

The pencils sharpen perfectly without any peeling of the transfer and they’re such a fun accessory for a boy.  Paired with a notebook, they’re perfect for a boy who enjoys drawing or journaling.

patterned pencils

I’m setting the kids free with this set and I imagine that the majority of their belongings will end up looking a bit more decorated than they are right now {wink}!

What would you embellish first?  Head to Target to grab the Graphic Skinz Design Studio {there are versions for both boys and girls} for a fun Easter gift or the perfect birthday gift for your favorite kid!  Or check the site for other store locations.

But first, enter to win one here!  One reader will win a Graphic Skinz Design Studio and a few refill packs {ARV $35}.  Enter using rafflecopter below.  US residents only.

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