25 Monogrammed DIY Projects

I wasn’t born in the South but I’ve lived here for quite some time and I appreciate a monogram as much as the next sweet tea-sipping, neck-hugging, Southern girl.  A monogram is just the perfect way to personalize an item and make it special.  I gathered up 25 monogrammed DIY projects to inspire you.  Go ahead … get lost in the swirly letters!

25 monogrammed diy projects

Monograms to Wear

cross-stitched monogrammed necklace

monogrammed wellies {pictured}

etched monogrammed pendant {pictured}

Monograms in the Kitchen

monogrammed mugs {pictured}

monogrammed napkins

monogrammed beer mug

monogrammed disposable cups {pictured}

vinyl monogrammed water bottles

monogrammed butter pats {pictured}

Monograms in the Home

etched monogrammed cloche {pictured}

monogrammed ottoman

monogrammed candle {pictured}

monogrammed paint-dipped glassware

hand-carved monogrammed soap {pictured}

monogrammed antique window {pictured}

monogrammed earring holder

monogram wreath

glass painted monogrammed wall art

monogrammed welcome mat

no-sew monogrammed towel

vinyl monogrammed wall art

Miscellaneous Monograms

monogrammed cell phone and charger

monogrammed gift bags

monogrammed gift tags {pictured}

vinyl monogrammed gift bag

Randi Dukes About Randi Dukes

I’m Randi, a wife and stay-at-home mom of five kids, ranging from preschool to high school. I love strong coffee, craft and DIY projects, my planner, my laptop, and my big ol’ family. When I’m not creating something for my blog, I can be found in the car, running kids from one place to another. I’m the one knitting at the red light.


  1. LOVE! I could send my whole weekend making these! Love those tags!

  2. I LOVE all these projects (and want to make them all!) – I was born in the South and now that I live up in Maryland I think no one understands the importance of having your monogram on everything. Glad you now love the monograms too! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  3. This southern gal loves a monogram! Great ideas. Pinning.

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