15 Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

It’s time for another repurposing post!  I know the month is almost over but I couldn’t let it pass without sharing 15 ways to repurpose wine corks.    Gather up those wine corks left over from your Christmas celebrations and get inspired by these fabulous projects!

15 ways to repurpose wine corks

Use the corks to make a whimsical cork monogram to hang on your wall …

cork monogram

… or slice the corks into pieces and makes these unique napkin rings.

cork napkin rings

A pile of corks look amazing when turned into a cork wreath {leave it unthemed so you can hang it all year} …

cork wreath

… and corks make fun and original drawer knobs.

cork knobs Attach them together for a wine-themed cork coaster …

cork coaster

… make a cork garden marker …

cork garden marker

… or carve a cork into a personal stamp.

cork stamp

I love this cork necklace made from sliced corks …

cork necklace … and I’m definitely going to make these little cork canape spreaders.

cork spreader Keep track of special days and moments with this cork journaling idea …

cork journaling … or get out the embroidery thread and stitch an embroidered cork necklace.  Isn’t it beautiful?

cork embroidered necklace

Corks make a lovely serving tray …

cork tray

… or they can be repurposed as a fire starter.  Perfect for a campout!

cork fire starter

Glue corks together to make a cork trivet …

cork trivet

… or go all out and install a cork back splash in the kitchen!

cork back splash Which idea inspires you the most?

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  1. Oh thank you for this! I have PILES of wine corks knowing that I would use them for lots of projects at some point. Love this collection of ideas.

  2. Freebird7100 says:

    alot of neat ideas, I got some corks from a recent visit to San Francisco, I then turned them into Christmas ornaments for my family. Here is a link, if I am aloud to post it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/38758754@N04/11414884425/ Thanks for giving me more ideas for what to do with the rest of the corks that I have.

  3. Thanks for sharing these great ideas for creating with corks! SO fun.

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