A Duct Tape Belt {for Boys}

The duct tape belt that I made for Lila has been wildly popular and I decided to make a boy version for Luke.  Here it is: the duct tape belt for boys!
duct tape belt for boys with Duck Brand Duck Tape

I used a skull print from Duck Brand {technically a Halloween print, I believe, but Luke loves it} to make the belt.  I ripped a piece of duct tape a bit longer than his waist measurement and put another thinner piece on top.  The thinner piece should be no wider than your buckle and will be the final width of the belt.
duct tape belt for boys
I folded the edges over the thin piece of duct tape …
duct tape belt for boys

… then put the end through the belt buckle and back along itself and sealed it with a piece of solid black duct tape.

duct tape belt for boys

I repeated with the other side after trimming the ends to the length I wanted.

duct tape belt for boys

Because Luke is a little guy that loves treasures, I also made a simple pocket that can slide on and off the belt.

duct tape belt for boys

Luke will hardly take his duct tape belt off so I guess it’s a hit!

duct tape belt

What do you think?  Would your little guy wear a duct tape belt?

Duck Brand Duck Tape provided the duct tape used in this project but all opinions are my own.


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  1. This is great, Randi! My 4 year just found himself some Spiderman Duck Tape and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with all of it. He will LOVE this!!

  2. Randi ~ this is awesome! I have three boys and I always have such a hard time finding something I can make for them that they will like {most cute things seem to be for girls}. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

    I would love to have you link this up to the first week of my new party Project Inspire{d} ~ http://cupcakesandcrinoline.com/2013/02/project-inspired-link-party-week-1/

    Hugs, Mary Beth

  3. My little guy loves them – he has two! One in the red dragon print & one in a black & white checkered pattern :)

  4. Randi, this is awesome! Every time I see duct tape I think of you. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  5. how cute!! um..we also have that exact shirt at our house…..;)

  6. I think it’s great. I love that he loves it. Way to go!

  7. Where do you find those buckles? I’d love to do this with my son.

  8. Oh how fun! I love the skeleton print you used – that is so perfect!

  9. Awesome! It is so hard to find cool boy crafty ideas. I would totally not take it off either!

  10. My daughter (the tomboy) is going to positively flip for this project!!!


  11. This is fantastic!!! How cool is it to have a duct tape belt! YOu are the coolest. P.S. I’m kind of in love with your picture menus on the sidebar :)

  12. Lora Poucher says:

    I like your duct tape belt , but do need to ask – how do you make that “simple pocket?” Yep, I need instructions even for that. :) Thanks.

    • Randi Dukes Randi Dukes says:

      I believe I stuck two rectangular pieces of tape sticky sides together, then folded them in half and taped them together at the sides, leaving the top open. Then I attached two pieces together to make the tab and used tape to attach it to the pocket. I hope that helps!

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