Wrapping Up January

It’s time to wrap up another month!  I really love taking a look back at all of the creative projects each month!  {Click on the links to go back to the original post for each project.}
a round-up of creative projects

In January, I made vinyl mirror charts to remind my kids to brush their teeth {and those charts have gone a bit viral on Pinterest}, made the best chicken fajitas, created a winter wreath with Lion Brand yarn, made edible napkin rings, and sewed piggy bank valentines.

I also sewed a ruffled heart shirt for Tate, came up with a new color-coded system for organizing our hair clips, transformed an old table into a book caddy, shared my recipe for homemade laundry detergent, and taught my kids how to play jacks.

And finally, I made homemade root beer {oh my, it couldn’t be more delicious!}, hosted a burlap party for my teenage daughter, participated in my third annual soup swap, baked refrigerator bran muffins, and knit a football hat!

Which project was your favorite this month?


I’ve started truncating my posts … please pop over to my blog to read the rest!


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