How to Make Root Beer

Today I’m showing you how to make root beer.  I promise you’ll be thanking me … this homemade root beer is delicious!  I actually don’t like storebought root beer but I’m a convert for this homemade recipe!

how to make homemade root beer, recipe

We had some friends over for a playdate yesterday and I served root beer floats with my homemade root beer.  The floats were a hit with kids and adults alike!

how to make homemade root beer, recipe

And it’s simple to make.  You mix up the concentrate in advance and then mix it with sparkling water when you’re ready to serve.  I’m planning on keeping a container of homemade root beer in my fridge all summer long!

 Wanna sip some too?  Here’s the recipe.

And mix up some syrup for a friend and deliver it with this free printable!

how to make homemade root beer, recipe

Homemade Root Beer
Serves 8

1 cup water
orange peel strips {half of a medium orange … I used a potato peeler to make the strips}
2 inch stick cinnamon
1/2 inch slice fresh ginger
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon root beer concentrate
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 liter carbonated water, chilled

In a small saucepan, combine the water, orange peel strips, cinnamon stick, and fresh ginger.

 Bring to boiling, reduce heat, and simmer, covered, for 5 minutes.

  Remove from heat.  Stir in the sugar, honey, root beer concentrate, and vanilla.  Cool mixture.

Strain mixture, reserving liquid.  Discard solids.  Chill liquid for 6 hours or overnight.

To serve, transfer root beer mixture to a pitcher.  Slowly add carbonated water.

*To make root beer floats, add a scoop of ice cream to each glass of root beer.

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  1. Everytime you post something I’m amazed by you…seriously!!

  2. This just looks AMAZING!

    You’re a culinary superstar!

  3. How cool is that????? YUM!

  4. My boys would love that! They are huge root beer fans. We even had a root beer taste test at Christmas to see which one was the favorite. I might have to suspend my desire to never make anything from scratch and try this.

  5. This is perfect for the summer!

  6. Ya I’ll have to try that!

  7. This is just awesome!!! I LOVE Root Beer!

  8. I had no idea you could make your own root beer! I used to love a good root beer float!

  9. Uhhh WOAH! I am obsessed with rootbeer. I’ll definitely try this!

  10. where do you get root beer concentrate?

  11. I need to look for Root Beer Concentrate. Seems easier than making it from scratch with the yeast and all! :P

  12. Yum! Adding this to my “awesome ideas that Randi has that I must try” list!

  13. Is the concentrate a powder or in a bottle (like vanilla extract, for example)? I want to try this!

  14. wow, Impressive!! I was wondering about the root beer concentrate too, but got the info from the comments. We live in Hong Kong and can’t find root beer. My husband really missed it. I think I could bring back some concentrate from the US and make the rest here… pinning! Came over from C.R.A.F.T.

  15. This is my favorite thing to make in the summer! Granted we make it in a 5 gallon cooler with water, concentrate, sugar and dry ice. I do want to try your recipe, it sounds amazing.


  16. YES, love this recipe, I will be making this for my kiddies! Thanks for sharing!

  17. How much of the mixture do you use with the 1 ltr of water?

  18. Oh my boys would love this! What a fun summer activity!

  19. Suppose I want to make it one glass or serving at a time. How much root beer syrup do I add to my frosty mug before adding the carbonated water? Do you know exact amounts of each?

  20. Emma Abegg says:

    I followed this recipe to the T and it came out very light in color without a super strong taste. More like cream soda. What am I doing wrong?

    • Randi Dukes Randi Dukes says:

      I’m not sure … I’ve made it many times and it has a strong flavor and is dark like root beer. Is there any chance you’re adding too much carbonated water or not enough root beer concentrate? I think something in your measurements must be off … it should have quite a good spiced flavor.

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