Edible Napkin Rings

I’m always looking for fun new tablescape ideas and this week I came up with the idea of edible napkin rings.  These napkin rings are made from refrigerated breadsticks and take about ten minutes to make … they’re quick enough to throw together before a dinner party.

refrigerated breadsticks napkin rings

To make them, you need refrigerated breadsticks, an empty paper towel tube, tin foil, and cooking spray.

refrigerated breadsticks napkin rings

Wrap the paper towel tube in tin foil and spray it well with cooking spray {this will ensure that the napkin rings slide right off the roll after baking}.

refrigerated breadsticks edible napkin rings

Separate the breadsticks and wrap each one around the foil-covered tube then squeeze the ends together to seal.

refrigerated breadsticks napkin rings

You can twist the breadsticks or add some embellishments but honestly, they don’t translate well after baking.  Everything gets bulky and I decided I liked the simpler ones the best.

refrigerated breadsticks edible napkin rings

Bake according to package directions.  Keep an eye on the oven … I didn’t have any problems with my paper towel tube burning but I don’t want to claim that it couldn’t happen.

Let them cool completely and they’re ready to use!

refrigerated breadsticks napkin rings

I love the rustic look of the napkin rings … aren’t they fun?

refrigerated breadsticks napkin rings

And if you want to jazz them up a bit, you can use edible markers to add a cute monogram or even a whole name.

edible napkin rings refrigerated breadsticks

There you go … you’re all set for your next dinner party!

edible napkin rings 


  1. says

    This is the best idea! I think I’m using it at our next party. But, when do you set them out? Do you tell people right away?

    Stopping by from Saturday Sharefest

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