A Winter Wreath {with Lion Brand Yarn}

Now that the Christmas decorations are down, my mantel seems a bit bare.  I’m not one for piles of decorations but a winter wreath sounded just right.  I made this one using Lion Brand yarn and a few items from the dollar store.

I bought a wreath form and a few snowflakes {to add an icy look} and used different varieties of Lion Brand yarn: Luxe Fur in Ivory, Vanna’s Glamour in Diamond, and Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash in Sterling.

I wrapped the wreath form in white fabric to ensure no green would peek through then wrapped it in Luxe Fur yarn to give it a soft, snowy look.

I glued a big icy snowflake onto the back of the wreath {when the wreath is hung in the window, the snowflake catches the light} …

… and attached smaller snowflakes to the front then topped them with pom poms in different sizes.  The pom poms remind me of snowballs, something we don’t see enough here in Texas.

The different Lion Brand yarns add great texture to my winter wreath.  I love the softness of the Luxe Fur and can’t wait to knit something with it.

Lion Brand yarn winter wreath

I’m loving my new winter wreath … it’s such a fun, seasonal touch to my mantel.

Lion Brand yarn winter wreath

The yarn for this project and other compensation was provided by Lion Brand yarn but all thoughts on the yarn are my own.

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I’m Randi, a wife and stay-at-home mom of five kids, ranging from preschool to high school. I love strong coffee, craft and DIY projects, my planner, my laptop, and my big ol’ family. When I’m not creating something for my blog, I can be found in the car, running kids from one place to another. I’m the one knitting at the red light.


  1. O my goodenss, I love how soft the yarn looks. The snowflakes are a great touch too. LOVE!

  2. This is a perfect winter wreath! We don’t get snow here in Georgia either (maybe a flake or two every 3 years) That yarn looks so soft, would be perfect for a sweater, scarf or afghan. Snuggly soft.

  3. Very pretty for winter!

  4. The texture of your wreath is so delicate and pretty! That yarn is beautiful! I had to pin this:)

  5. Gorgeous!

  6. This is so pretty and you made this look so easy to replicate. I am going to have to look for Lion Brand yarn!

  7. Love!! This is such a pretty wreath and so perfect for winter! I love the way the different yarns look!

  8. Those little pom poms are adorable! Love the silver/grey ones!

  9. Love this wreath!!

  10. So pretty! It is whimsically wintery. I will pin it when my Pinterest Boards reappear! Sharing it on Facebook though!

  11. I love it! Fantastic wreath and I love the yarn.

  12. Beautiful! I love it!

  13. I love your winter wreath! The texture and color combo is absolutely beautiful, Randi!

  14. This is just dreamy, Randi! The Luxe Fur makes me just want to snuggle your wreath. :) And I love the pom pom!! Great addition!

  15. This is the warmest. cuddliest wreath I have ever seen. So lovely Randi!

  16. So beautiful, soft and elegant!

  17. How do you recommend attaching the pom poms to the wreath?

  18. It is beautiful.

  19. I love your wreath. Can you please list the names of the yarn you purchased??? I need to make several of them. What a great gift idea as well.Can keep it up all winter long. Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. HOLY COW. I tried making those eyelash yarn pom poms. It looked like a threw up glitter everywhere! Do you have any handy tips as to how to make them in a neat way? I’m using them in a bridal bouquet that’s entirely made of pom poms. (but my sparkly ones are gold instead of silver)

    • I used a pom pom maker which may have made the process a bit tidier but I still had a lot of glitter everywhere as well. They didn’t continue to drip glitter after I made them though and I haven’t had any problems with the wreath dropping glitter. I just love your bouquet idea … will you upload a photo to the Dukes and Duchesses facebook page? I’d really love to see it!

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