A Duct Tape Box

I’ve been messing around with duct tape this week, trying to come up with a few fun crafts my kids could do.  This duct tape box with a lid is simple to throw together and would make a great summer camp craft.

duct tape box Duck Brand Duck Tape

To make the bottom of the box, you’ll need to make a square measuring 9 inches by 9 inches.

I laid black duct tape down, sticky side up, and then covered it with the patterned duct tape going in the opposite direction.  I cut it to size with a ruler and craft knife {kids could do it easily with scissors}.

Next you need to cut a 3 inch by 3 inch square out of each corner …

… then lightly score the folding edges, being very careful not to cut right through.

To seal the edges together, cut a strip of duct tape in half and cut each strip to a length of 3 inches {you’ll need four strips, one for each corner}.

It’s easiest to place those strips on one edge …

… and then fold up the corner and seal it.

To make the lid, follow the exact same process but change the measurements.  Make a 4.5 inch square and cut half inch squares out of each corner.

Score the edges lightly and seal the corners with a piece of duct tape {again, cut the duct tape in half and cut it to a half inch length}.

You’re done!  You can tie the box up with a ribbon and use it for a gift or use it for small treasures in a kids’ room.

My kids are duct tape junkies.  Do your kids love playing around with duct tape?

Duck Brand Duct Tape sent me the tape used in this project but they did not ask for a review and all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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  1. Ok Randi…
    You + Duct Tape= a match made in heaven!
    another fabulous creation :)

  2. Duct tape is how I mend our clothes. That’s about it. And, I’m grateful for it.

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