A Burlap Party {for Teenagers}

This weekend we celebrated Kennedy’s 14th birthday with a chocolate fondue party … a fun party idea for teenagers, right?  Kennedy wanted everything decorated in burlap and natural tones which made it a very simple party to put together.

I hung the embroidery hoop banner on the wall …

… and covered the table with my seamed burlap tablecloth.  We used square brown paper plates and napkins and set bowls of chopped nuts and individual containers of peanut butter at each place {because who can resist chocolate and peanut butter mixed together or marshmallows dipped into chocolate and then into chopped nuts?}.

I set out mason jar sippers for Italian soda and tied the sippers and water bottles with burlap.  And of course we had striped paper straws … I love paper straws for a party!

burlap birthday party for teenagers

The centerpiece and the party entertainment was a chocolate fountain.

I set the food out on the kitchen island.  Skewers wrapped with washi tape were used for dipping …

… and brown washi tape was used to embellish a little garland on the cake as well.

burlap party for teenagers, birthday

 We had a rice krispie cake …

burlap party for teenagers

… and we served it right at the beginning of the party.  Before we cut into the cake, the guests wrote wishes on pieces of paper that we tied to the candles {inspiration found here}.

burlap party for teenagers

We stuck the candles into the cake, Kennedy blew them out, and we cut the cake and added it to the buffet of dippers.

The buffet was full of Kennedy’s favorite foods to dip.

burlap birthday party for teenagers

Cookies and cake …

burlap party for teenagers

… and lots of fruit.  Is there anything that doesn’t taste better covered in chocolate?

The girls helped themselves to plates full of food and then sat at the table and ate and laughed.  Just right for a group of teenage girls!

We may have forgotten to give the girls their party favors at the end of the night {ahem} so we’ll be doing a few little deliveries this week.

burlap party for teenagers

Burlap is such a fun way to decorate … have you used burlap for party decor?

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  1. Such a beautiful party idea! Everything looks great. I love the cake.:)

  2. SO many great ideas…I love the simplicity of it all. I am sure they had a blast.

  3. This is so unique and awesome!! LOVE that banner. :)

  4. what a fun party!!! your straws and washi tape details are great!

  5. Shush- this party is off the burlap beauts! Love this lady! That cute crispy cake is the bomb! Great party!

  6. Randi, I need you to come up here and throw me a party…you rock!

  7. Beautiful party and a great idea. It is a fun party for teenage girls. Way to go, mom!

  8. How fun! My girls had their first annual V-day party last year and we did the chocolate fountain too! We are planning this year’s shindig – I’m posting about it tomorrow!

    First our friendship with Martha, now this!!

  9. Randi,

    That looks like so much fun! Truly! I would have never thought of a burlap party! I LOVE the cake picture!


  10. Oh! lol, I missed the link! :) Thank you so much for sharing it, much appreciated. <3 And, I’m so happy you like the candle wish idea.

  11. Such a great party for teens! Burlap and chocolate… I’m in love! Hope you are having a great week!

    Take care,


  12. A girl after my own heart. Burlap and rice crispie cake. Great ideas…Happy Birthday. Kennedy! !

  13. Madi Clark says:

    Hi Mrs. Dukes, tell Kennedy late Happy Birthday for me please. The party looks so perfect! I wish I had been able to attend!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Just found it on Pinterest! I am slightly obsessed with washi tape so that is how I found you! Would love for you to link it up today at THE Pin It Party! The three co-hosts pick their three faves and pin them to a board with over 250 followers. Hope you can make it! XO, ellie


  15. Vanessa says:

    Hi, want to know where u buy your foundue fountain? Tnx!

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