A Year of Knitting {2012}

The end of a year always makes me want to look back and remember.  I thought it might be fun to look at some of the projects I’ve completed this year … and I’m taking you along with me!

I only completed nine knitting projects in 2012 and they were all fairly small.  I think I need to get those needles clicking a little more in the new year!

In 2012, I knit a ribbon-y ruffled scarf, some sweet striped baby legwarmers, a lampshade {which I still love!}, a pillow cover, fingerless gloves with a cute rosette, a lacy ruffled scarf, a warm cowl, a whimsical little pumpkin, and a doll robe and slippers.

I’ve love to hear what you knit or crocheted this year … and feel free to leave a link if you have a post on your blog.  I’ll pop over for a visit!


I’ve started truncating my posts … please pop over to my blog to read the rest!

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