Snowman Hot Cocoa Bar

Update:  You can now watch a video demonstration showing how to make the marshmallow snowmen!

I’m a big fan of themed playdates.  It’s an easy way to have friends over and create special memories without the extra chaos and high expectations of a true party.  Hot cocoa playdates are some of my favorites {you can see a couple of our past cocoa dates here and here} and today I’m sharing a super simple snowman cocoa bar with you!

snowman hot cocoa bar

This party requires just a few basics: some white dishes, some black buttons, and the ingredients for a great cup of cocoa.

I used hot glue to affix black buttons to the front of my dishes {if you put the dishes in the freezer after the party, the hot glue will pop right off} …

snowman hot cocoa bar

… and to styrofoam cups.  Be careful with the cups because hot glue can sometimes melt styrofoam.  I applied the glue to the back of the button and put them onto the cups … do a test first to make sure the glue doesn’t melt a hole in the cup.

snowman hot cocoa bar

I filled one bowl with hot chocolate mix {the very best cocoa recipe can be found here or you can use storebought mix} and one bowl with “snowballs” {mini marshmallows}.  Provide a kettle full of hot water and guests can make their own cocoa.

snowman hot cocoa bar

The final touch?  A marshmallow snowman on a candy stick.

snowman hot cocoa bar

I used edible markers to draw a face on the end of a jumbo marshmallow {my edible markers didn’t have orange so I mixed red and yellow together} and stuck it onto a candy cane {I broke off the curved end}.

snowman hot cocoa bar

It took less than thirty minutes to throw this hot cocoa bar together and the kids were delighted with it!  It’s a fun way to create some holiday memories.

snowman hot cocoa bar

Enjoy the holiday season!


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    You are amazing…seriously! I can’t wait for Emily to be old enough to do fun things like this with. I’m getting so excited about her 1st birthday so I can do something fun!! Only a week and a half away…

  2. says

    That is so creative! I love it. I’m giving the hot cocoa mix to the teachers this year. I think I’ll embellish a little and make it a snowman theme. They are so cute!

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