Cookie of the Month :: Almond Florentines

This month the ‘homemade cookie’ thing got pushed to its very limits.  Semi-homemade, perhaps.

But it’s summer.  I’m allowed to be lazy simplify.

I made a batch of Almond Florentines {recipe found in this book}.

Super simple.  In fact, Tate helped. And probably could have made them by herself.

To make a batch, cover an oiled cookie sheet with graham wafers.

Cook 1 cup of brown sugar and 1 cup of butter together over medium heat for five minutes.  The recipe says not to boil and I may have boiled.  Accidentally, of course.  And I may have had a very bizarre separation of sugar and butter, possibly due to the boiling.  For all you bakers, is that possible?

Anyway, after you are very careful not to boil, spoon the mixture over the graham wafers and sprinkle it with slivered almonds {or sliced almonds, if you manage to buy the correct ingredient at the store}.

Bake at 375 degrees for 7 minutes and then let cool completely.  Or if you’re a teenage boy, eat them hot straight from the oven.  Either works. 

Bon appetit!

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  1. Delicious! I’ve made something similar but with Saltines, same butter/sugar as posted, and chocolate chips on top. It was pretty good!

  2. This is Melissa @ These look yummy! I am your newest follower!

  3. I love the simplicity of this…and my hubby would LOVE them!

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