Graduation Cupcakes

We’ve had a big week around here with lots of graduating going on.  All those milestones definitely called for cupcakes.

I loved these graduation cupcakes when I saw them at The Celebration Shoppe.  So simple to make but so cute too.  I always love a fun idea that doesn’t take a million ingredients.

And what were we celebrating?

Eli graduated from eighth grade.  And not just any plain old graduation.  He was given the Silver Scholar Award for having the highest GPA in the school …

… and was named as Valedictorian.  We’re so stinkin’ proud of that kid.  He’s one of the most driven people I’ve ever met.  And a cute athlete, too.  {smile}

And then these little punks graduated from kindergarten.

I just love this picture.  They look like a little old married couple.  They act like one too.

They both loved kindergarten and did so well.  It seems like just yesterday that I was dropping them off and crying all the way home.

See?  We definitely had some cupcake-worthy celebrating to do.  And these cupcakes fit the bill.  My big and little graduates were only too happy to join in the celebration.


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  1. What a special week for you! The cupcakes are wonderful and I bet they all loved them. I’ll have two graduating from kindergarten next year and will have to remember this idea.
    Kelly at Little Wonders’ Days

  2. OK, those cupcakes are adorable! And they look sooo good…
    Congratulations to your gorgeous children, Randi!!!

  3. Luke looks like he’s so proud of his Lila. Congrats Mom!

  4. Wow! Your kids are grown and growing up. You must be so proud! Congratulations to everyone!

    I like the changes to your page. It looks good.

  5. Too bad I don’t have a 13-14 year old daughter, or we’d be having a little chat about arranging some courting here, well not for a few years I guess :) He’s getting so grown and handsome! And the twins are too cute!

  6. Congratulations! You certainly had some celebration worthy graduations there! You have beautiful children and must be very proud of them all. The cupcakes were a lovely touch, and I imagine they were appreciated. So happy for you all. Enjoy your summer!

  7. That’s a lot to celebrate! I love the cupcakes… cute idea!!!

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