A Duct Tape Chair Back Envelope

Yesterday I shared a Valentine’s Day duct tape tablescape and today I’ll show you how I made my favorite part … this fun little duct tape chair back envelope.  Isn’t it perfect for hiding a few special Valentines?

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To make the main part of the envelope, I laid out five strips of duct tape and then criss-crossed those pieces with four more pieces {those four pieces were measured for the width of my chair}.  I ended up with a two-sided rectangle with some scraggly ends.

Next, in the same way, I made the flap of the envelope.  Five strips with two long strips laid over top in a criss-cross fashion.

Using a rotary cutter, I trimmed all the scraggly ends on both pieces …

… and cut the envelope flap into a point.  I also made a small crease half an inch in along the top edge …

… and then I lined that crease up with the upper edge of the main body of the envelope and covered both sides with duct tape to attach.  Confused yet?  I hope not.

I folded the main body in half and used contrasting tape to seal the edges.  Don’t you love this pink polka dot duct tape?  I’m a sucker for polka dots.

To make the straps, I stuck two pieces of duct tape together but left exposed tape on each end but on opposite sides.

I stuck the straps onto the back of the envelope … 

… then flipped them over and the envelope is ready to place on the chair.  The other sticky end will stick back onto the envelope, holding the chair pocket in place.

But first, I didn’t want those love notes to fall out so I made a simple closure.  Self adhesive velcro dots and a double sided heart.

I used a dab of hot glue to stick the heart on the envelope tab and stuck the velcro pieces underneath.

I love it!  The polka dots are just too cute.

Over the next few days I plan to leave a few sweet notes for my girls tucked inside the pocket.

Happy love month!


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  1. Very nice! I thought the envelope was paper.

    Do you remember the style of apron that one would pull over their head and tie it at the sides. The length would come to just the top of the leg (no skirt type to cover the legs. Why do we need that anyway?). The kind that covers the shirt. Could the front of that style of apron be made from duct tape? Then it could just be wiped off and used again. I might try it.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Where did you find polka dot duct tape…Yes I love polka dots too!

  3. Very sweet!

  4. Love this! We’ve featured this craft in a post we just published on our website.

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