Snowman on a Stick {Donut Snowman}

Inspired by some fun ideas I’ve seen lately, I prepared a couple of fun snowman snacks, including a snowman on a stick, for the kindergarten party yesterday.

I made the snowmen on a stick, inspired by the cute snowmen at A Little Tipsy, with a couple of changes.  I used an orange Mike and Ike for the nose and a green Mike and Ike cut in half for the buttons.  A slice of fruit roll-up makes up the scarf, and the eyes and mouth are made from a toothpick dipped in black food coloring and then touched onto the donut.  I wanted to minimize the amount of candy used and simplify the process.  I think they turned out really cute!

For drinks, I wrapped juice boxes in white duct tape and added little black paper buttons.  They fit in well with the snowman theme and they were really simple and quick to embellish.

Kindergarten is so much fun!

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  1. Those are lots of fun. I’m glad to hear the twins are doing well.

  2. Those are super cute!

  3. Those turned out great!

  4. super duper cute idea!

  5. So cute! We should have gotten together and bought our donuts in bulk:)

  6. Your version turned out really cute! Simplifying for bulk is smart. Thanks for giving credit to ours!

  7. Love it! Great idea that the kids will love!

  8. Thanks for this idea! There were so many oooohhs and ahhhs as I delivered them to my daughter’s 4th grade class this morning. And we had a blast making them (had to make 50)! Our variatons are: Little marshmallow tophats–I sliced large marshmallows to make the brims and placed a small marshmallow on top of each slice. I was gonna paint them with black icing, but it was too tedious so the men had to have white hats. We used chocolate sprinkles for the eyes and mouth. I wish I had thought to wrap them individually and tie them with a ribbon like I just saw on the “A Little Tipsy” page. But it turned out well! Thanks to you and Michelle for this idea!!

  9. So cute! I am wondering what size of skewers you used? I have 10 inch and wonder if thst will work Would you please email me at

    Thank you !!

    Lexie Hikl

  10. Love this idea, can you tell me what the nose and buttons are made from? Thanks Julie x

  11. Thank you, are they a bit like jelly beans?

  12. Thank you!

  13. Why did I have to find these in June? I never thought I’d say this but winter can’t come soon enough!

    Twitter: @LiveLau57379791

  14. Is there a special brand of donuts you guys are using? When I made the snowman the donuts fall apart.

    • Randi Dukes Randi Dukes says:

      I believe I just used Entemann’s. They need to be quite fresh though and I stuck the skewers in very carefully so they didn’t break apart.

  15. How cute! What a good idea! I’ll have to keep this in mind when I have kids of my own!

  16. Hi, was wondering if you used a certain size skewer? I made Halloween candy skewers and couldn’t use the candy corn/pumpkin bc they fell apart. The orange slice eventually broke in 1/2 as well. Did you make them the night b4? Sorry for all the questions but I love love this idea & want to perfect it. Thanks!!!

    • Randi Dukes Randi Dukes says:

      I used regular sized wooden skewers. I slid the donuts on very slowly and they did fine. It definitely worked better with fresher donuts. I foudn that if I slid them on quickly, they were more likely to crack but otherwise they did fine. I hope that helps!

  17. These are adorable and look pretty easy to make. Great idea for a school party or special treats for the kids. Love them. I’m doing a Holiday Roundup and will be sending my readers your way. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Lynn Jackson says:

    I tried to put the donuts onto the wooden skewers but they keep breaking in half on me

    • Randi Dukes Randi Dukes says:

      The donuts need to be fresh. If they’re stale, they will break. I also pushed them onto the skewers really slowly to avoid breakage.

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