A Duct Tape Trick or Treat Bag

With Halloween quickly approaching, I decided to use my Halloween themed Duck Brand Duck Tape to make a trick or treat bag for Luke.

I laid strips of black duct tape upside down and side by side along my counter and then laid contrasting tape across those strips, all the way up.

Duck Brand Duck Tape

Once I had a large rectangle of back-to-back duct tape, I trimmed all the edges and folded the rectangle in half.

I sealed the side edges with duct tape and pushed the corners inside the bag to miter them.  Pieces of duct tape across the inside corners of the bag help hold them down and keep the shape.

A strip of duct tape around the top of the bag and two handles {each handle consists of two pieces of duct tape back to back attached to the inside of the bag … and I deliberately twisted them to show both sides} and the bag is finished!  So simple and just right for trick or treating.

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  1. We made my daughter’s Halloween costume (a Rubix cube!) and one of those fabric/duct tape bags last night… I think my household is falling in love with duct tape! :)

  2. Love this idea! It’s an inexpensive way to make a neat looking trick or treat bag:)

  3. Super cute! Happy Halloween!

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