A Pumpkin Decorating Party

Today, despite temperatures in the 90′s, we celebrated fall with a backyard Pumpkin Decorating party.

pumpkin decorating party

It was a low-key event in our backyard with some friends and we all had a great time.

pumpkin decorating party

The kids decorated pumpkins, big and small, with googly eyes, glitter paints, pipe cleaners, and tape.  The end results were actually quite cute.

pumpkin decorating party

I thought Luke and Lila would like coloring on a pumpkin but they had their hands in the Monster Munchies the whole time.

When pumpkins were decorated, the kids had a doughnut eating contest … the doughnuts were hanging from the tree and the kids had to eat them without using their hands.  The perfect party activity!

Welcome Fall!

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  1. Oh that looks like it was fun! You create such fun memories for your kids. I love that!

    Happy Fall!

  2. Sounds like a fun time. Fall is fun no matter the temp. Keep up the fun work and be glad you are at home to enjoy it.

  3. What fun! You are so Martha. I dont’ even have my fall decorations out yet!

  4. OK, I’m totally going to copy your pumpkin decorating idea!

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