20 DIY Turkey Ideas for Thanksgiving

November has arrived and with it comes a whole lot of turkey talk.  Although it’s still weeks away, I’m excited about celebrating Thanksgiving and thought I’d share some fun and creative turkey ideas with you!

turkey ideas

Turkeys for Wearing:

applique turkey shirt

ribbon turkey barrette

shirts for little turkeys

turkey headband

knit turkey hat

Turkeys for the Table:

printable turkey thankful cards

turkey cookie cutter place card

folded turkey napkin

printable turkey menu

Turkeys for Decorating:

decorative cardboard turkey

turkey treat holder

turkey lantern

turkey cards made with kids’ artwork

Turkeys for Eating:

turkey vegetable tray

large turkey lollipops

turkey krispie treats

turkey treats

fruit turkey for a chocolate fondue

small turkey lollipops

paper bag turkey filled with popcorn

Doesn’t that get you in the mood for a big feast?  I’m ready to set the table, deck the kids out in some cute turkey gear, and start eating!