10 Ways to Repurpose Old Drawers

I’ve been doing a fun project with another old dresser {you can see my last trash to treasure dresser here} and it got me thinking about fun ways to repurpose old drawers.  I found some great ideas … which one is your favorite?

repurposed drawers

You can use an old drawer in a vignette to hold mason jar vases full of flowers.  I have an old drawer just like this one {from an old built-in sewing machine, I believe} that I use to hold thread on my sewing table.

repurposed drawers
If the drawers aren’t in great shape, cut them apart and use the drawer fronts as hangers.  They look so great all grouped together.

repurposed drawers
You can paint the drawers in fun colors and use them as shelves.  Perfect for the kids.

repurposed drawers
Or how about this drawer turned into a chalkboard?  I love that they used the inside of the drawer but you could also turn it around and use the bottom of the drawer as the chalkboard.  This would be really cute outside!

repurposed drawers
I’ve had this idea pinned for a while.  A large drawer used as sliding under-the-bed storage.  I want to do this for Luke, Lila, and Tate.  It’s a great way to corral the junk treasures and it still looks cute!

repurposed drawers
I’ve used a cabinet door as a jewelry display but I also love this drawer used as a jewelry display.  Not only does it keep everything organized but it looks great too, doesn’t it?

repurposed drawers
This is one of my favorite ideas: a drawer used as a bathroom shelf and towel hanger.  I like the pretty lining on the back of the drawer.

repurposed drawers
A drawer used as paint storage would be so cute in a craft nook.

repurposed drawers
And what little girl wouldn’t love this drawer turned into a dollhouse?  What a clever and adorable idea!

And the final repurposed drawer idea, a drawer repurposed into a clock!

repurposed drawers

I love these ideas!  I’ll be checking the curbs a little more closely on trash day, looking for some drawers to repurpose!

For more repurposing round-ups, click on the links below:


  1. says

    Love your ideas! I use an old antique drawer in the bathroom to display washcloths. I simply roll them and place them in a line. It’s a great way to create a simple bathroom decor. I’d love for you to share this post at my Twirl & Take a Bow party. Hope you can stop by!
    Have a great week.
    House on the Way

  2. says

    Great ideas! I have a drawer left over from a dresser project, now I’m inspired to actually do something with it! Thanks!

  3. Anne says


    These are all such wonderful ideas. Where would I find instructions for them? For example, what type of paint to use when re-purposing a drawer, how to get wheels in it to use it for under the bed storage, or how to be able to attach it to your wall. Needless to say, I’m a neophyte BUT I’m not afraid to try.

    Thank you.

    • Randi Dukes says

      Hi Anne! If you click on the links, instructions for individual projects will be listed there. The details should be given. As for repurposing, any type of paint will work great – craft paint, spray paint, stain, etc. Hope that helps!

  4. Iban Vermeulen says

    It is always the small things that make a room look great after refurbishing. Thank you, love the article.

  5. says

    I love the underbed storage idea. Dog hair could definitely be a problem in my house, though. A lid with a hinge at the back and handle on top could be a solution, I suppose. Now I just have to figure out what to make with the leftover dresser with no drawers…